It is often said that man (sic) proposes and God disposes. That's certainly true and that's exactly why I live in Istanbul. You see, when I was much younger, in the halcyon days when this world seemed to be a garden in which everything was possible, in the days when I believed (albeit irrationally) that even my small 'I' would live forever, I became convinced of the fact that I was meant to live out my life in France (where I had gone to do doctoral research) and that I would end my days in Paris.



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To that end I tried everything I could do to find a job that would mean a way to stay there. One difficulty at that stage was that I was obsessed with the idea it could all be achieved legally. (The Turks have since taught me the folly of such convictions with respect to legalities.) One job offer, with a well-known esoteric organization materialized, then dematerialized, purportedly due to a late-breaking crisis within the organization. My desperate attempts to persuade the French powers-that-be to allow me to stay in France were to no avail. One memorable afternoon I was even ushered ever-so-politely, but firmly, out of the Paris police department. Having nowhere else to go, I moved to Istanbul in 1994. At that point my raison d'être was to finish the Ph.D. thesis (along necessarily politically-correct and hence very boring and minimally meaningful lines) and return to my beloved Paris. For a number of reasons, some of them merely Gaeilic, others truly Byzantine, all that changed. The thesis may never be finished and I may never live in Paris, but I have nevertheless continued my writing. I'm currently working on several projects, including a collection of short stories partly inspired by my experience of living in Istanbul.

I created this web site as a way to definitively break an admittedly long silence. My academic field - history of religions with a specialization in esotericism - does not exist in Turkey. For years I tried to find a university position without success and I started to lose hope of being able to teach at the university level. In August of 2003, however, I had a wonderful interview at Fatih University and signed a contract to teach in their Department of American Culture & Literature. I have found great joy in getting back into the space of a university classroom. In any case, I will continue developing this internet "space" because it provides a way for me to share work I've written, am writing, and have yet to write, as well as give voice to new ideas. It also provides a way for interested persons to find me and get in touch with me. The whole process of putting up the site in the first place felt profoundly correct and that feeling proved right for it has functioned to open many, many doors. Elsewhere I have remarked that it seems to me that the Internet is the 21st century persona of Hermes. This certainly seems to be true.


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Meditation and mindfulness experience for anti aging

Although it is difficult to tell apart which forms of experience allow these understandings, mental episodes supporting belief in "other sorts of reality" are often labeled mystical . And the records in which came from these later on investigations all carried testimony to the fact to which I alluded, which were startling gets hotter came out, in view of this deductions of Comparative Mythology. Perhaps the disanalogy proponents believe that justification of physical object claims should be our evidential standard,because only where by crosschecks of the physical item kind areavailable do we obtain sufficient justification. Relating to this page Therefore, just people outside the Buddhist college thought about whether Buddhist beliefs dealt with health building.

Music therapy for anti aging and Senior Health and Better endocrine health is also getting popular..

The programme of the conference will include plenary consultations as well as parallel sessions. Research on meditation's impact good cause. I would recommend it to be able to anyone who needs to have a look at or deal with self-acceptance. Recentdissertation matters include: the Human To Health, the Integrity of HealthNudges, Dementia and Personhood, Entry to Essential Medicines, along with the Ethicsof Polio Eradication. Beginning g.100 BCE, especially 0-130s CE, first Rabbinic merkabah mysticism referred to briefly in exoteric Rabbinic literature such as the Pardes excursion; also related to early Christian mysticism and mindfulness.

My little secret get a scoop of peanut butter in the day and just before you go to bead this is a fantastic source of protein and once again releases human hormones to help build that muscular mass. The main reason of their success was the pattern of giving hgh shots to the patients were high-frequency, low-dose that carefully resembled the natural production of human body's own hgh. It is recommended in which adults include cardiovascular exercise and strength training in their fitness program.

You might actually schedule your workouts with a buddy so you will have a definite incentive to exercise as planned. Time period fitness training is the best method to effectively burn calories and get a wonderful body. It's going to take a lot of effort, in close proximity to maximum effort really.

It is actually convenient to buy online because you can sit and relax at your home and have the complete reviews of each product. The particular vitamins, minerals, and phytoceramides collagen supplements this individual takes will reflect that relating to his own research and that of other people he believe in. Beyond the simply therapeutic, it can aid your current attempts to excel in sports of all sorts; from table tennis to "real" tennis; from swinging a baseball softball bat to swing a golf club; coming from tossing a ball to your little ones to throwing a 100 distance per hour strike. Locally grown, in- season produce that wasn't processed by man and various meats products that are a result of animals that have been raised in a healthy environment impart us with a balance of naturally workable energy.

Sunlight exposure will manage to benefit mood by boosting numbers of key hormones and also by generating vitamin D.

Anyway, a number of years ago I'd a friend who was and also astrologer. A., & Gilbert, Chemical. In addition to access via prior academic certification, however, applications for this programme are also allowed from potential individuals with relevant working experience in the field of mental and sexual wellness through, eg emotional health nursing or even patient advocacy. Even when we are inclined to utilize anobjective measure, however, the idea matters which one.

"Intro" His / her charisma, mystical theories that included recurring pronunciations of the holy Tetragrammaton in public, tied to an unstable individuality, and with the help of the greatest enthusiast, Nathan involving Gaza, convinced the Jewish masses that the Judaism Messiah had finally come.

ABSTRACT: An Irish surrogacy situation from 2013 demonstrates how negotiations from the mother's identity in a very given national as well as legal context tend to be drawing on novel scientific perspectives, at a time in the event the use of new biotechnological choices (such as IVF) has become more widespread and very common. Some characteristics of each and every dosha include:

It's great to sit either on a cushion on the floor as well as on a chair. "But like have side-effects. Play iTunesSeptember 20, Then, breathing usually, bring your awareness on your body, sensing for a short while how the body appears to you.

(1992). "Effectiveness of your meditation-based stress reduction program in the treating of anxiety disorders". Am. But the research adds to developing evidence that meditation practices can alter your body at a fundamental level—even, it happens, at the level of our own genes. Rob Rosenbaum, and Dr. Lifestyle Disturbance is a result of poor health habits such as overeating, bad nutrition, excessive drinking, acquiring prescription or non-prescription medicines, or sitting an excessive amount.

So, too, ended up being Dionysius (5th century, Syria), who is writings would likewise prove very influential. Take ancient Peru for instance before the Spaniards got trampled out that striking civilisation by fire as well as sword. Coulter, A. His or her writings inspired a religious quest for God based upon desire rather than duty and medieval legalism, and also three of them took to found or perhaps reform religious requests that would carry on the work they do across continents and also centuries.

Mindfulness is the exercise of purposely focusing your attention around the present moment—and accepting that without judgment.

You can maximize your time and place your time and effort to good utilize following some basic tips. We don't recommend making regular materials fed grocery store eggs a standard part of your diet. A fitness plan is not really something you buy anti aging supplements and leave on a ledge, it's a habit and lifestyle that you will find cultivated and maintained.

I expended a good amount of time looking for and located fitness training program guides which may retain my interests for approximately a month, but there was always some stumbling block. Steroids refer to the class of drugs. Some people choose gyms and athletic clubs. The most recent evidence that is meant to describe the biology for aging signifies that there is a clock as well as a counter in the cell of every and every human being's body.

I cannot stress the importance of eating more natural meals that energize our bodies and stimulate our natural healing processes. : Allow outdoor access and field for livestock and do not give food to animals antibiotics or the body's hormones.

A survey at the University involving Turin, Italy, revealed that despite the fact that people in their 70's experienced reduce effect as compared to both children and young adults to arginine, the nutrient even today raised their level of GH in their particular blood to triple the normal for their age group based on telomerase enzyme! Fitness is information on building up your own image. Whom are you going to talk to regarding body image? Like I stated previously, I actually lost strength after completing this program.

Traditionalist historiography Meditation and Kabbalah, Aryeh Kaplan, Samuel Weiser writers; overview of the Hypnotic schools in Kabbalah. Whether you want to develop knowing about it in a subject you love it or gain even more qualifications to enhance work, at UCLan there are numerous further advancement routes for you to adhere to.Fees & Funding A number of accept cultural constraints gladly; others rebelagainst all of them; still others are blessed with an inventive spirit, etc.

It’s this I have changed my thoughts about telling the subsequent series of experiences so often that it leaves my head in a fog. Marmot and his colleagues also located an inverse social gradientin minimal job control. 2 Peter 1:Several says that God makes it possible for Christians to be "partakers in the divine nature.Inches +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New You are able to. A high gong sound rings out and about at the conclusion of the yoga.

Why mysticism provides sex energy?

And then I reported all of the studies which suggested meditation could reverse those operations. Nyanaponika spend his last ten years living with along with being cared for by means of Bodhi. And the man who has mastered to live one fragment of truth will find Truth their self come to him along with open arms; pertaining to she only provides herself to those that are willing to surrender by themselves to her, and live every reality that she imparts.

I may remember I’m irritable, but that wouldn’t mean I was being mindful of my irritability. Merely a "nonsensuous and nonintellectual" union satisfies his definition.

John Scotus Eriugena (h. Back to the air. The nature of battling and the goals of drugs, 2nd edition. They went on to explain it to her as being the one Life of the Universe, and to let her know that all that there seemed to be of love and of beauty were but the tossed reflections of the oneself.

To help you maximize your power to heal from an injury, pain or health condition, to identify underlying points that you may not feel however, or to achieve ideal health and peak effectiveness levels, the following medical and philosophical premises ought to beapplied to your health care in addition to lifestyle. Select historian instances:First generation:Gershom Scholem self-discipline founder Hebrew UniversityAlexander Altmann American initiator I stumbled upon that I could simply just look at a person sensitive to the Holy Spirit, mentally ask the particular Holy Spirit in the future into their lives and infrequently they would immediately feel it.

Dissertation (59 credits). All students perform a extended dissertation (up to 10,000 words) over a topic of their choosing. We notice that were lost in considered, we mentally brand it “thinking”—gently and without having judgment—and we come back to your breath.

So do a little bit of investigation before buying your needed male enhancement pills. When a large income is your goals, then work your way into any one, or every one of the recommendations presented. The principle part of toning muscle tissue is with the diet. To accomplish your goal, it's not as easy as just doing exercise similar to weight training or free side exercises.

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Abrasive sexual intercourse like this can become agonizing.? Get Your Daily Treatments?For LIFE!Good Sexual intercourse At Any AgeThe dependence on intimacy is ageless. Carrying out belly breathing additionally brings breath and vitality into the lower abdomen -- the dan tien, the particular sexual center. ?Yoga exercise and weight lifting emphasize the particular pelvic area and help build pelvic floorboards strength,? says Kerner. Excessive testosterone can actually affect the bodies natural ability to generate the hormone on its own.

Primarily, it is a BRAIN hormone, and as we grow older and production declines, we all feel those mental faculties symptoms! Although males with profound testosterone despression symptoms may benefit from replacement, we have to not forget the lessons learned from hormone replacement therapy in women. Carlota features trained hundreds of physicians over the past 35 years and now serves together with the National Advisory Council on Contrasting and Alternative Medicine of the Country wide Institute of Well being. pituitary are the same as the relationship between your testes,

To better comprehend the dangers of andropause, this is important to understand just what testosterone is and what functions this serves in a man's body. With no understanding partner, these complications may result in a powerful blend of anxieties and doubts, resulted in total impotence and sexual aggravation. If a couple is going to have a satisfying sex-life in spite of physcial restrictions, this book will show them how. Hormonal:?Fall in testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, thyroid hormone and others. Ounces or have been paying attention to internet pop-up ads these days, you may be aware that testosterone replacement is a hot topic right now. And so is premature ejaculation and lasting longer using meditation.

This kind of; this is not a vision. Personalized meditations for different times during the day and different scenarios. said Antani, brimming with eagerness.

"Praxis theologiæ mysticæ" (2 vols., Rome, 1740-45), a penis development exercise in the mystical theology of Wadding (Daddy Godinez). Scaramelli, S.J. Stace, M. But what is told thee, think thereupon with respect; for it is not necessary for thee to see together with thine eyes the things that come in secret."[9] It must be examined only by exemplary scholars: "Ma'aseh Bereshit must not be spelled out before two, nor Ma'aseh Merkabah before one, except if he be wise and understands it by himself,"[10] Further remarks notes that the chapter-headings of Ma'aseh Merkabah may be taught, since was done by Rabbiyya. An actual physical EXPLANATION FOR A Non secular PROCESS - Understand that the Holy Nature resides in each of people, good and nasty alike.

Ordinarily anyone don’t notice the neutral onset flashes, but with mindfulness they end up part of your awareness along with expand your connection with being alive. Or can everyone have a right to healthcare that’s equal to everyone else’s? The truths tend to be m the religious world, the shadows in this material globe in which we dwell. When I started undertaking the research for my e-book, I realized that researchers had been busy during the last 10-15 years studying the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

And one very good example of that could possibly be taken from the book connected with theRevelation. They were both immersed in mysticism, searching for a approach to unify mind along with physics. PHILGA36 Research inPhilosophy, The legal and Health These days, meditation is far more powerful as a technique of self-management when compared with as a means of personal change, much less enlightenment.

Having pervaded this whole market with one fragment regarding myself, I continue being.”And again:“When darkness was not, when there was neither of them day nor evening, neither being not non-being, then there the All-Blessed even alone. Suzuki. Also, they are a reflection of questioning and responding to individual and staff demands.

In the meantime, keep in mind that the answer to the question “Does everyone have a right to health care?” can determine the direction associated with future legislation. Inside: Paul M. These kinds of Buddhist experiences aresub sense-perceptual, and mystical, since thisness is claimed to be inaccessible to ordinary impression perception and the knowledge of it to provide knowledge about the nature of reality of sex enhancement. The problem with mindfulness as a starting place is that it’s a complicated practice. The money is one thing, but also hydraulic based pumping is the selling point of giving those working away along the entrances of government the sense that you have a creative path in front of them -- in short, that you can be an entrepreneur for the federal payroll.

Suddenly I perceived to fall inside me and as this took place, a stillness, a new quietness of intellect began to creep over me. This anterior cingulate as a conflict keep track of: FMRI and ERP studies. Underneath all of the diversity of which rests on the surface associated with Christianity are the deep factors of God in which rest in the depths of our faith and are also the unchanging infinite consciousness of God things. I was hearing some music when I began to feel the vibration with the centers of mind along my spinal column and into my own head.

Hayes, Kelly Gary the gadget guy. Course Length: Self-recollection (Jack Kornfield) Otto (1950 [1917]) argued that the fundamental feature of "numinous"experience had been an element of fearful awe central to the reasoning behind the "holy."Huxley (1970) referred to a "perennial philosophy" recurring over the ages as aresult involving mystical experiences.Stace (1959) provides a traditional hypothesis explaining thenature of incomprehensible experience.

Throughout the day, inwardly pause and become very aware about where you are, what you are doing, and just how you are feeling. To help you improve your ability to heal from an injury, pain or perhaps health problem, to identify actual conditions that you may not experience yet, or to accomplish optimum health and peak performance levels, this scientific and philosophical building should beapplied to your health care and lifestyle. To be aware of something truly is to understand and explain the hidden causes behind it.

Brand new teaching programmes and also research projects on meta-medical subject areas are now being introduced yet often meet with powerful opposition, if not clear-cut obstruction. His inquiry follows the "dark night" venture at Brown University or college in the US, which has catalogued just how some Buddhist meditators have been assailed simply by traumatic memories.

Anapanasati ways to feel the sensations brought on by the movements in the breath in the body, as they are practiced in the context of mindfulness. “It’s a new loser’s game,” he says. In the hierarchy of these angels, "Seraphim" are definitely the highest, that is, nearest to God, followed by the "Hayyot", which are followed by this "Ophanim." Health can be HappinessI would like to share with you our health philosophy.

The core values of consideration, equality, excellence, relationship and stewardship guide our actions as we work together to provide health solutions to others in our neighborhoods. John of the Combination, since they imply several things which are since night to the spirit in so far as they are beyond or contrary to its own lights, viz., this privation of pleasure, faith because substituted for humanknowledge, and The almighty as incomprehensible, or perhaps darkness, to the unaided spirit. studies, Na’Taki gained around 15 years of local community, non-profit, and government encounter working to address ecological and health difficulties facing communities regarding color.During that time, she co-founded the West The atlanta area Watershed Alliance (WAWA) as a community effort to halt discriminatory wastewater cure practices in Western Atlanta.Since it's inception, WAWA has grown to become an impactful drive in community-centered sustainable improvement. Her spiritual teacher from 1921 to 1924 was Baron Friedrich von Hügel, who was appreciative of the woman writing yet focused on her focus on mysticism in addition to who encouraged the girl to adopt a much more Christocentric see as opposed to the theistic and cerebral one she had before held. There is no experience of interventionsbeyond individual treatment or prevention measures, plus the thrust of4 and A few make it clear the debate is about an insurance current market onlyfor those measures.

Then I had trouble having the trunk untied. Though he was a mild sleeper, he still would not respond. Anti-Allergen PillowsIf you have asthma or suffer from allergies, choose artificial fiber pillows with anti-allergen wedge pillow covers. The dogs capacity to breath, starting with the nares, your palate and then the trachea is of paramount importance. Fenugreek Foliage: You can gargle the mouth with fenugreek leaves, as already mentioned above in this list.

The Problems With Using Alcoholic beverages As a Way to Fall Asleep. And both appear like complete asses! Blessings, Sparklea :)

Presently there are all sorts of olive oils out there, and I'm going to recommend that for the purposes shown in this article, don't buy the expensive things! What is acromegaly ? In this networked and interconnected, [converging and merging], world, emergent press ecologies exert and contain a variety of sociopolitical, cultural, and historical forces that inter with people as they become advertising producers and consumers.

Use sometimes in a vaporiser or rub onto your upper body or the soles of your feet. What Slap Chop does is true simple. That's probably why millions of us own hairy pals.

In a deep sleep and almost certainly snoring, too. The effect was immediate, the cold shocking the woman's into action. Did you know that it’s quite possible that your loud snoring problem is due to your jaw positioning rather than any other reason?

Consider your state of health. Actually, quite a lot of strength of will was involved, so I will not conjure any greater powers other than the power within myself to transport on. When your puppy relieves itself on the paper praise and hug her.

Young children that happen to be suffering from sleep apnea are likely to be mistaken to become slow learners, lazy, and having trouble in remembering things. This hub provides information about one of the diagnosis of back pain which is osteoporosis. It provides a cozy feeling, and according to research, it can even decrease blood pressure and reduce stress. The particular wind picked up and he sensed something hit his sneaker. The big boys (or young ladies) will take care of them for you.

I do think nobody could smile as well as laugh in a tragic situation with their life. Basically, like any various other pure-bred animal, they suffer from far more genetic issues than the normal kitten population at large. Mix the berries and water in a medium soup pot and simmer, covered, for about 1 hour. For once it hassounded at a thing that isn’t a shadow, or a leaf lost too near the tires.The particular tiger is gone, and she is aware that there is one final thing that must bedone. Pekingese are small so they don’t eat considerably.

I was also irritated by the fact that I was the one who had to do something positive about HIS snoring. (First time you've heard that?) Not only is nicotine a catalyst, but smokers may also expertise withdrawal at night, causing them to awaken or sleep fitfully.

Crowley is currently writing of it in Guide 4: "The work from the Body of Light—with the manner of Yoga—is the foundation of Magick." Then the Angel bade me understand whereto my hope led: all abilities, all ecstasies, ended in this—I understood. Not only could this specific increased connectivity make us better able to swap between tasks and monitor our own awareness, but it is indicative of more efficient overall management of each of our finite attentional resources. To find out the point, consider precisely what may seem to be a little example.

This area results in a consistent cognition on the physical limits from the self. In particular, asignificant social gradient was seen in the Whitehall studies,the place that the occupants of even the lowest occupational ranking werenevertheless all stably used civil servants with free of charge access to health care. This article then describes another way of thinking about the reason for sleep health education. Cloud of Unknowing Sameer Antani, a staff scientist at the National Institutes of Overall health, tried selling the sharks on software that rides along about the hypnosis and meditation benefits that now patrol South africa; the program's trick is that it can instantly assess whether people should seek out a new fully-equipped hospital or only need to head home by using a simple color program code.

Until this week, it turned out best known for the Wonderful Bed of Ware after using cPAP alternatives, a huge four-poster mentioned in Shakespeare's 12th Night. This particular concept, however,will differ in terms of what is covered from the opportunity-basedaccount described earlier because of it more explicitly foliage room toexclude coverage for conditions for which somebody issubstantively responsible. Pay attention to the way each breath alterations and is different.

This specific interference causes dis-ease, weak point, and imbalances inside your nervous system that can cause all kinds of immediate health problems like snoring. Understanding the Mind History- In the Twenties, with the inception connected with early quantum idea, Wolfgang Pauli took an active desire for quantum mysticism.[citation needed]Physicist Roger Penrose published in the Shadows in the Mind that mind may be a quantum occurrence. It felt just like a death shroud. There is certainly still a lot of unclarity.

Starting Your Mindfulness Relaxation Practice for weight loss

Practice a steady and also relaxed naming involving emotions: “joy,” “anger,” “frustration.” The term "mindfulness" comes from the Pali-term sati, "mindfulness", which is an essential element of Buddhist practice, which includes vipassana, satipa??hana and anapanasati.

The answer is within a child’s song. It has been latched onto in the west by Jon Kabat-Zinn regarding his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.

Clinical therapy and psychiatry since the 70s have developed a number of restorative weight loss applications based on mindfulness in order to people who are experiencing various psychological conditions. Clinical studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits connected with mindfulness in general, and MBSR in particular. Both of - Research Skills and Methods His spiritual testimony and psychological self-portrait thematically set up upon the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, furthermore reveal him while "one of the immortal spirits waiting to introduce the various readers to his own one of a kind and intense experience of reality".

Though his tasks are difficult and rarely go through, he remains, paradoxically, among England's perennial, yet first, "scientific" mystics on weight loss.

Rick Mathis Medical Insurance policy Research and Development, at BlueCross BlueShield regarding Tennessee in Chattanooga Philosophy of medicine: an introduction, 2nd variation. If you're not sure, then select the response that is certainly closest to your opinion (after which take this into account at the analysis stage).

The first 4 of the justifications regarding public health policies-overall profit, collective efficiency/action, communitarianism,and fairness- converse specifically to the situation in which some membersof your affected population are ultimately benefited by the coverage orobject to it. For example, honorable codes against murder reflect values community members place in taking human life without just lead to. It’s no different with currently talking about God and the Revered Spirit. Serenity in addition to insight."[24]^Brooks: "While many commentaries and also translations of the Buddha's Discourses claim the actual Buddha taught two practice paths, one named "shamata" and the other called "vipassana,Inches there is in fact no place in the suttas where one can definitively claim that."^[I]n Buddhist discourse, you will discover three terms which together map the industry of mindfulness [...] [in their Sanskrit variants] sm?ti (Pali: sati), samprajaña (Pali: Sampajañña) and apramada (Pali: appamada).[29]^According to this correspondence, Ven.

It is also said that you should meditate in a place that is not far too noisy or distressing, and you should not be in times where your mind will be easily provoked in to anger or covet or other emotions. My partner and i don’t know about you but I’d prefer to see a system designed on ancient knowledge, personal intuition and respect for mother nature.Western Diet & Medicine Hence, they possibly paradoxical in impression. Reports regarding mystical experiences could be paradoxical also in sense (2), because at times mystical language does assume logically unpleasant forms, when actual absurdity may not be intended. Finding the right tutor is often difficult for individuals approaching mindfulness for the first time using a weight loss product.

All of us face an immediate and also serious objection. We can attain and sustain good health if we help to make balanced choices in which promote connectivity along with harmony. Finally, we all value formal education, lifelong individual studying, and the development and application of research to compliment ethical and competent midwifery practice. The Talmud thinks about the existence of the soul and when it becomes connected to the body.

The article wraps up with a discussion of the items constitutes the nature regarding medical knowledge and use, in light of recent movements towards both evidence-based in addition to patient-centered medicine.

Or, this particular interference can rest dormant and asymptomatic for years, leading to severe health issues, chronic pain, degeneration and disease down the road. Pauline mysticism centres within the mystery of Christ in the believer and the believer within Christ, who is thought to be the one and only mediator among man and The almighty, whereas Mystical theology permits people from all faiths to partake in a journey towards obtaining oneness with the divine and also shows secret walkways to seekers regarding how to obtain such unity. The political philosophy behind such an motivation essentially blended tips of the Consumers' Bill of Rights with the field of health care.

The Real itself is, consequently, neither personal nor impersonal, these types of categories being enforced upon the Real by simply different cultural contexts. York Beach, Myself. This report functions as a starting point for analysts who wish to use MSM within their studies, providing a review of the theory behind MSM and guidance for its rendering.

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