Circumcision Doesn’t End Premature Ejaculation

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Circumcision and Premature Ejaculation

There’s no consensus in the medical journals that mature circumcision is going to have major effect. The most well-known theory is the removal exposes glans and the shaft of the penis, slowly reducing organ susceptibility. There’s some evidence that PE rates are lower in people that are Muslim where circumcision rates exceed 98%. But the data is questionable due to the ethnic issues.

Penile Sensitivity (as related to PE) Before and

A study of mature and PE circumcision was released in Urologia Internationalis. Sexual gratification and penile sensitivity after circumcision: are guys being informed by us right? The fundamental decision was that time was about the same for guys before and following circumcision.

Premature Ejaculation Enhances

Circumcisions (avg. 22 years). Senkul reasoned that (time enhanced ejaculatory latency to ejaculate). Within an article printed by Web MD Health News, Chad Ritenour, MD, professor of urology at Emory University School of Medicine, remarked the results are not conclusive, “I don’t need anyone to interpret this as a treatment for premature ejaculation.”

Comparison by Race of Circumcision and Premature Ejaculation Rates

In a study printed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2005, Supplement 2, by Dr. Francesco Montorsi provides data that demonstrates (see graph) preponderance of premature ejaculation to be substantially lower in the middle east (where circumcision rates are quite high). In discussion, the writer is apparently suspicious the PE rate data in the middle east is exact, mentioning the answers may change by guys in the surveys.

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Have lower rates than those of the remaining entire world or other elements of Asia. Exactly the same holds true versus Pakistan where circumcision rates are strikingly distinct.

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